For an old Friend

Vidisha I still remember the first time we met, I was too shy to initiate the talk for the first time, I never knew you would become my most cherished pet, I found in a stranger a friend of mine. People say that true friendship is rare, We being friends was in our destiny, We […]

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Darkness of the night, The cool breeze giving chills and fright, Memories ever haunting, Fate ever daunting, Silence of the night, Screaming with all its might, Love so strong, won’t last long.. Sleep to wake up from this dream, Live one more day, Cause death is slowly creeping in….

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FriendZoned ——————– I’m glad I came across this person in my life… We shared the same thought.. Just another thing to ruin my nights… Without  any Strife.. My world revolved round that person… In the days we laughed together at others plight.. And in the night I wondered if she is “The One.”It all felt […]

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Saccha Pyaar

Bacchpan ke doston ki ek Mehfil saji thi… Uss Mehfil me mera ek  yaar bhi tha, Doston se bane guldaan ka sabse khubsurat ful,jo kabhi mera pyaar bhi tha… Murjha gayi thi woh rishton ke jakad mein… Murjha gayi thi woh rishton ke jakad mein… Nazreen na mila paya usse aur muh pher liya. Tabhi […]

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A life in Exile

In the dawn,in the new light, I began a life in exile… Wondering in the Cold of the Morning Sun, Searching for Paradise.. Loosing my breath bit by bit, I understood a begger’s plight… In the Scorch,in the mid of the day The lust for water grew with a Sore throat.. Searching for Shade…. Loosing […]

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Portrait of my Life…

If I were a Clown I would have made you laugh and taken away all your Sorrows, forgetting mine…. If I were a Coconut I would have been hard outside but you prefer the soft within me.. So I let you break me apart.. If I were a Mirror, I would have Smiled When you […]

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Life is a journey towards Paradise… Love is a scenic beauty , Sorrows are the rough roads… Joys are the  gentle curved slopes, Seasons are the different phases of life.. Sometimes warm and Sometimes cold… Thousands of mile stones crossed,Thousands more to go.. Yet to reach the paradise… A lot of People joins us in […]

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