Portrait of my Life…

If I were a Clown
I would have made you laugh and taken away all your Sorrows, forgetting mine….
If I were a Coconut
I would have been hard outside but you prefer the soft within me.. So I let you break me apart..
If I were a Mirror, I would have Smiled When you Smiled,but you always faked that Smile…
If I were a Photograph,
I would have been a memory, But in your heart you have Kept me alive…
If I were a Chameleon,
I would have changed my colours with the like of yours..
But you Showed me your true Colours….
If I were time,
I would have slowed down in every moment of joy and Moved faster in the moments of Sorrows…
But you know no one has control over time..
If I were a Child
I would have laughed till my heart’s Content and cried my pain out..
But I’m an adult now, I have learnt to hide my pain and known that Joy is just for a few moments…..


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