Sushree…. A friend like you is hard to find, One that touches you deep Inside.. All the days We have spent together.. We have always jinxed,like a single mind.. It is always that Together we have judged many things and laughed out loud. We keep our secrets and cover each lie… The moments worth charishing […]

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The Magic that words can create, Can captivate any one for decades… Words are everlasting,and words are all what I have today. These words can make you smile, These words can make you cry, These words can give you glory, These words can give your life a new story.. These words can take your heart […]

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Ikhtiyar Alfaazon ki

Mere Alfazon ki iklaash toh mohabbat se bhi gehri thi.. Ke jab ishq ne dard diya,toh alfazon ke sahare zinda rahe, Qatra ,Qatra mila ke alfazon ne kahani bana di, adhure mohabbat ki. Mohabbat ke qahr me, Zindagi ka qafila yun hi chalta raha; Kitabe aashnaa ban gaye, Naye Hayat ki justuju mein; Dard ka […]

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The Broken Soul

In warmth of a Summer Morning, Blew a stream of cool Soothing breeze, While many flowers were blooming, The Moon flower tends to freeze, As the Sun kissed petals of brilliant looking Rose, Spread its fragrance far and wide, The fragrance that excites the tired toes.. Sinking the emotions in the heart’s bloody tide. The […]

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They Will Return…

The Martyr in wars are the Victims of Malevolence and Crime, There is Sobbing and weeping of their loved ones… The hands made to serve love and care… Held weapons to serve their Motherland.. In their madness,In their blindness, They cleansed their hands with blood of innocents.. The heroes in the war are the ones […]

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Buzz of Life

‚ÄčIn the silence of the night, In the buzz of life, Today in the solitude I write, The tale of my life… Through all the hurdles of life, Through the dark and light, Moving with tides of time, Making the most out of life… Searching for a reason to survive, Scratching the fortune line, Disguised […]

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I don’t remember…..

I don’t remember the first breathe that I took in.. But I remember my breath running,When I first saw you.. I don’t remember the first thing I saw when I first opened my Eyes.. But I remember the time when our eyes first met.. I don’t remember how I took my First step… But I […]

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